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Media Interviews

Published on South China Morning Post:

17/10/2016 Training Urged for Family Doctors (Interview with Dr Angus Chan) Link:  

Broadcasted on RTHK programme:

14/11/2016 精靈一點: 戰勝糖尿眼 (Interview with Dr Alvin Chan) Link: 
16/5/2016 精靈一點: 世界家庭醫生日2016 (下) 社區攜手情緒共治 (Interview with Dr Ngan Po Lun) Link:  
9/5/2016 精靈一點: 世界家庭醫生日2016 (上) 踐行基層醫療 (Interview with Dr Donald Li) Link:

Published on Ming Pao Newspaper:

1/12/2014 95%病症睇家庭醫生快夾妥 (Interview with Dr Angus Chan and Dr Fung Hoi Tik) Link:  

Published on Ming Pao Weekly:

29/6/2013 藥物以外的老人科 (Interview with Dr Stephen Foo) Link:  
22/6/2013 醫生看懂老人嗎? (Interview with Dr Stephen Foo) Link:

Broadcasted on NOW TV News (Linked to external website):

17/6/2013 杏林在線:高血壓 (Interview with Dr Billy Chiu) Link:
20/5/2013 杏林在線:反覆求醫 (Interview with Dr David Chao) Link:
1/11/2012 杏林在線:醫學美容注意事項 (Interview with Dr Gene Tsoi) Link: