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HKCFP Council Election Result 2015

Dear Members,

At the close of nomination on Thursday 15 October 2015, there is only One candidate, Dr. LAU Ho Lim, being nominated for the post of Vice-President (General Affairs) for the term December 2015 – December 2017, Dr LAU is elected ipso facto. Congratulations to Dr. LAU Ho Lim.

Six nominations for Five vacancies of Council Member for the term December 2015 – December 2018 were received. As the number of candidates nominated for Council Member received by the Honorary Secretary exceeded the number of vacancies, an election by the deadline of 12 November 2015 had been carried out for the Six nominations of Council Members.

Every FELLOW or FOUNDATION FELLOW or FULL MEMBER is entitled to give one vote in favour to vote for ANY BUT NOT MORE THAN FIVE of the SIX Candidates.

The ballot papers were opened and counted by the Auditor in the presence of the Hon Secretary on Tuesday 17 November 2015.

235 out of 864 which is about 27.20% of the total eligible members returned the ballots:
- 1 was submitted by hand after the deadline
- 3 were voided because they did not follow the instruction

The total number of valid ballot papers were 231 and the total number of votes were 795.
The election results are as follows:

Candidate Vote Result
1. Dr. AU Chi Lap 129 Elected
2. Dr. CHAN Hung Chiu 184 Elected
3. Dr. King CHAN 112 Elected
4. Dr. Mark S.H. CHAN 151 Elected
5. Dr. Gene W.W. TSOI 127 Elected
6. Dr. William C.W. WONG 92 Not elected

Congratulations to Dr. Au Chi Lap, Dr. Chan Hung Chiu, Dr. King Chan, Dr. Mark Chan, and Dr. Gene Tsoi. Their term of office will start immediately following the Annual General Meeting on 06 December 2015.

Thanks all candidates and college members for your participation and support. We look forward to seeing you in the Annual General Meeting and Annual Dinner on 06 December 2015.


Dr. Billy C.F. CHIU
Honorary Secretary