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40th Anniversary Celebration
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News and Announcements

Issue DateTitle
17/10/2017FP links October 2017 issue
19/09/20172017 Supplementary Exit Exam Result
15/09/2017FP links September 2017 issue
15/09/2017Conjoint Written Examination Results 2017
11/07/2017Reminder: Submission of Application for Certification of Completion of Basic Training
11/07/2017Reminder: Application for Recommendation for Exit Examination
18/05/2017DFM 2016-17 Final Examination Result
29/04/2017DFM 2016-17 Written Examination Result
11/04/20172017 Full Exit Exam Result
10/04/2017Best Research 2016 & Research Fellowship 2017
15/02/2017Reciprocal Recognition of Quality Assurance and Continuing Professional Development (QA&CPD) Program
14/02/2017Best Research 2016 & Research Fellowship 2017
12/02/2017Diploma in Family Medicine (HKCFP) 2017-18
29/12/2016(Updated) MCHK CME Programme for Practising Doctors who are not taking CME Programme for Specialists
16/12/2016Annual Dinner 2016 photos
22/11/20162016 Conjoint Exam Results – Clinical Examination
18/11/2016Reminder: Submission of Annual Checklist for Basic Training
18/11/2016QA&A News – CME/CPD Compliance
03/11/2016Chronic Disease Management (CDM) Training Course for Primary Care Doctors 2016-2017
14/10/2016HKCFP AGM and Annual Dinner
07/10/20162016 Supplementary Exit Examination Result
21/09/20162016 Conjoint Written Exam Results
21/09/2016Online Registration Announcement
02/08/2016HKCFP 40th Anniversary Celebration Logo Design Competition
20/07/2016Part-Time Higher Training Programme
20/07/2016HK Practitioner, MCQs/Clinical Quiz online now
20/07/2016Reminder: Submission of Application for Certification of Completion of Basic Training
20/07/2016Reminder: Application for Recommendation for Exit Examination
04/05/2016DFM 2015-16 Final Result Announcement
27/04/2016Policy of handling mails with insufficient postage
23/04/2016DFM 2015-16 Written Examination Result
22/02/2016Trainees Research Fund & Research Seed Fund 2016
19/02/2016Diploma in Family Medicine (HKCFP) 2016-17
18/01/2016Best Research 2015 & Research Fellowship 2016
20/11/2015HKCFP Council Election Result 2015
16/10/2015Policy of Reissue of Duplicate Receipt
15/10/2015Basic Training Introductory Seminar
29/09/20152015 Conjoint Written Exam Results
16/09/2015Change of HKCFP Telephone Number
16/09/2015Nomination to FHKAM
16/09/2015Recommendation for Exit Examination
28/08/2015Results of 2015 Full Exit Exam