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40th Anniversary Celebration
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August 2018

Our College congratulates Prof. Rosie Young and Prof. Cindy Lam, who were recognized with honours on the HKSAR Establishment Day (1 July 2018) by Government of Hong Kong SAR.


Prof. Rosie T T Young, our Honorary Fellow (1995), was awarded the Grand Bauhinia Medal (Chinese: 大紫荊 章, GBM).


Prof. Cindy L K Lam, our Chief Censor and Honorary Fellow(2011), was awarded the Medal of Honour (MH)(Chinese: 榮譽勳章, MH).


Our College is also deeply grateful for Prof Young and Prof. Lam’s dedication over the past years, which have substantially advanced the discipline of Medicine. We would like to send our heartiest appreciations to their outstanding contributions to our community.


I have just attended the Advisory Committee on Primary Care Directory. The important discussion point is the Implementation of maintenance for listing in Primary Care Directory. I must stress that the College assists Members to gather their CME points and through the Hong Kong Academy of Medicine, a CME Administrator to submit to the Medical Council. The College provides the most diverse CME/CPD activities for primary care doctors in Hong Kong.

Primary Care Office (PCO) is to proceed with the checking mechanism proposed and to exercise discretion for the first round of CME/CPD checking in 2017 for all existing enrolled doctors and dentists in the Directory.

For those not fulfilling the requirement they would be inactivated from the Directory if such requirement is not fulfilled upon the second round of CME checking in 2018. Enrolled doctors are to attain at least 30 CME points for the period 1 January to 31 December 2017, or 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018 in order to obtain the Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK) CME Certificate for that period for maintaining in the Directory. Subsequent application for re-activation will require submission of the CME Certificate issued by the MCHK for the past calendar year, i.e. 2018.

Under the CME Programme for Practising Doctors by the Medical Council who are not taking CME Programme for Specialists, a doctor who has acquired 90 or more CME points in a “three-year CME cycle” will be given approval to use the title "CME-Certified”. This will allow them to remain in the Directory for 3 more years until the next CME-Certified DHC will fill the present gap of difficult access to allied health services in the private sector in a particular district. We have every reason to support the establishment of the DHC, to utilise them and to consolidate our role as patient’s family doctor.


Our College has lost a great comrade in the path of establishing Family Medicine as a discipline in Hong Kong. There are no words to describe the tremendous sadness we felt upon hearing the shocking news of the passing away of Dr. Siu Che Hung, Paul on 31 July 2018. Dr. Siu had selflessly served the College for many years. He had held a number of important posts in the Council in the early days is issued. Those who are in the Specialist registration are already CME compulsory and will automatically maintain in the Primary Care Directory. Participating doctors who have obtained 30 or more CME points in a single year within their three-year CME cycle will be “awarded a Certificate” to certify that they have achieved a satisfactory level of CME activity during that particular year. This will only allow them to remain in the Directory for one year.


The implication of inactivation will prevent the enrolled doctors from participation in vaccination subsidy scheme from 2019 onwards but will not affect the scheme in 2018. So please make sure you get enough CME points in 2018 to fulfil the requirement for maintenance in the Directory!

There has been a lot of talking on the newly proposed District Health Centre (DHC) in the Kwai Tsing District. Dr. Lau Ho Lim and I have a breakfast meeting with Prof. Sophia Chan and her colleagues from Food and Health Bureau to discuss the model setting. On the topic of analogy of DHC to a Mega Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), the Bureau is to include conditions in the tender application to prevent preferential treatment or resource allocation to a particular HMO’s affiliated doctors. All Primary Care Directory listed doctors working in the district will automatically be included in the network of doctors unless he/she opts out. There will be no doctors in the DHC Hub or Satellite Centres.


The Service Model of DHC is to provide primary prevention activities and some secondary prevention activities. Tertiary prevention activities will not be provided by DHC and must be implemented by doctors only. There will be no “reverse referral”. All referrals to dietitians, physiotherapists or occupational therapists will only be made by doctors. The DHC will emphasise patient empowerment. There will be a fixed subsidy or reimbursement scheme to doctors in the network for care of patients with chronic diseases. For new patients who have been triaged by DHC and referred to network doctors, government subsidy will be provided for 2 consultations, one for diagnosis and one for initial assessment. For network doctors’ “old” patients with these known chronic diseases, government subsidy will be provided for one consultation each year for annual assessment. Doctors’ involvement in advising, monitoring and assessing DHC services is an integral part of the plan and the significance is recognised. of our formation. He was a long time Council member and Examiner of our College with enthusiastic participation in different Boards, Committees and College activities. He was a towering figure and impressed us with his pony tail hair style. Last year he received the long service award as Examiner of the Conjoint Examination at our Conferment Ceremony in 2017. Dr. Siu was one of our leaders and his contribution to the development of Family Medicine in Hong Kong will never be forgotten. The friendship and memory of Dr. Siu with the College will always be long lived and be in our hearts. May he rest in peace!


Dr. Angus MW CHAN