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40th Anniversary Celebration
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Inauguration 1979

Welcome Speech
  • Mr. K.L. Thong – Director of Medical & Health Services
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  • Mr. M.J. Colbourne – Professor of Community Medicine (University of Hong Kong)
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    Report from the Chairman
  • Mr. Henry F.K. Li – Chairman of Interim Council (The Hong Kong College of General Practitioners)
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    General Practice
  • Sister M. Aquinas
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    Congratulatory Messages
  • H. Mahler, M.D. Director-General (World Health Organization)
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  • P.S.Byrne CBE PRCGP (The royal College of General Practitioners)
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  • David A. Game, President (The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners)
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  • J.B. Gibson, Dean, Faculty of Medicine (University of Hong Kong)
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  • Cecil W.D. Lewis, Director, Postgraduate Medical Education (University of Hong Kong)
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  • Taro Takemi, President (World Medical Association)
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  • Donald I. Rice, President of WONCA & Executive Director of CFPC
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  • Geoffrey Newman-Morris, President (Confederation of Medical Associations in Asia and Oceania)
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  • Wong Heck Sing, President (College of General Practitioners, Singapore)
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  • A.W.E. Moreira, President (College of General Practitioners, Malaysia)
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  • S.M. Moonis, Chairman (College of Family Medicine, Karachi, Pakistan)
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  • Eduardo B. Morales, President (The Philippine Academy of Family Practice)
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  • A.Coelis, President, G.B.O.-V.B.O. (Belgium Association of General Practitioners)
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  • Otto Forstmeyer (Association of General Practitioners of West Germany)
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  • Alejandro Robels, President (The Mexican Association of General Practitioners)
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  • Carl B. Hall, President (American Academy of Family Physicians)
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  • P.C. Bhatla, President (IMA College of General Practitioners)
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  • W.N. Clay, President (The New Zealand College of General Practitioners)
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  • B.M. Fehler, Convenor of the Faculty of General Practitioners of the College of Medicine of South Africa
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  • The Publication Committee
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