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Diploma in Family Medicine (Updated)

Diploma in Family Medicine (HKCFP) 2022-2023

Application is now OPEN.

Training Funding Scheme for Primary Care Doctors by Primary Healthcare Office, Food and Health Bureau 

The Food and Health Bureau has decided to reimburse $5,500 for registered medical practitioners in Hong Kong who enroll in CCEFM or DFM 2022-2023 having satisfied the corresponding course requirements as an incentive to encourage more medical practitioners to join the related training. For details, please refer to the website of District Health Centre 

The Board is pleased to announce that the Diploma Course in Family Medicine (DFM) organized by The Hong Kong College of Family Physicians will commence in August 2022.

The course consists of FIVE modules. Modules I & II will be delivered by Local Distance Learning. Modules III, IV & V consist of lectures, seminars, tutorials, workshops and clinical attachments. The whole course requires ONE year of part-time studies. 

Details of the course are as follows:

1.     Objectives
i)      To provide knowledgeable, pragmatic and structured teaching in Family Medicine for medical practitioners.
ii)     To encourage professional development of practising medical practitioners and to provide an intermediate step to fellowship qualifications in Family Medicine.
iii)    To improve standards and quality in the practice of Family Medicine.

2.     Syllabus:
        The course consists of FIVE compulsory modules. Doctors who have graduated from the course are expected to have acquired:

i)      Current concepts about nature of Family Medicine
ii)     Knowledge and skills in consultation, counselling and problem solving
iii)    Knowledge and skills in common practice procedures and emergency care required for good quality family Practice
iv)    Understanding towards the role of Family Doctors as gatekeepers of the health-care system and in providing cost-effective primary care to the community

i)      A Diploma in Family Medicine issued by HKCFP will be awarded to candidates who have satisfied all the requirements and have passed all the required assessment and the Final Examination.
ii)     The Diploma is a Quotable Qualification of The Medical Council of Hong Kong
iii)    50 CME and 10 CPD credit points will also be awarded to candidates at satisfactory completion of the Course by the QA & A Committee of HKCFP.


The schedule might be affected due to the outbreak of COVID-19 and the format might change to online platform if necessary. Announcement would further be made in case there is a change of schedule and/or format

The details of syllabus, course fees and application form are obtainable below:

Enrolment for Diploma in Family Medicine 2022-2023

Introduction to Diploma in Family Medicine (HKCFP) 2022-23
Application Form for Diploma in Family Medicine (HKCFP) 2022-23

(A discount of HK$5,000 for earlybird application on or before 31 May 2022

The Application Deadline 30 June 2022.

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For any enquiry, please contact the HKCFP Secretariat, Ms. Alky YU by email to