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HKCFP QA Program

The HKCFP QA Program aims to maintain and improve the quality of care general practitioners (GP)/ family physicians (FP) in Hong Kong give to patients and promote the highest possible standards of care to the community.

The Program is open to all registered doctors in Hong Kong. All Fellows and Members of the HKCFP, except student & affiliate members are automatically registered with the QA Program at the beginning of each year.

Accreditation will be recorded throughout the years in the form of "credit points". At the end of the three-year cycle, a Certificate of Quality Assurance [QA certificate] will be awarded to those who have satisfied the requirements.

Regulations for Award of Quality Assurance 2017-2019 (QA)
Regulations for Award of Quality Assurance 2020-2022 (QA) 
Regulations for Award of Quality Assurance 2023-2025 (QA) 
Regulations for Award of Continuing Medical Education (CME)

E-Certificate is now available

Please note that the service to make electronic copies of the QA and CME certificates are available online now. By logging in to the College website “Members’ Corner” at, members will be able to check and download their QA and CME Certificates, starting from May 2015.

Kindly note $50 administrative fee would be charged for getting one hardcopy of certificate.


Reciprocal Recognition of Quality Assurance and Continuing Professional Development (QA&CPD) Programs Between the HKCFP and the RACGP

Members of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, who live and work in Hong Kong and fulfill the requirements of the HKCFP Certificate of Quality Assurance, shall be deemed to fulfill the minimum requirements of the RACGP QA&CPD Program by reciprocal recognition between the two programs.

For the detail information regarding the RACGP QI&CPD Program, please visit: