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CCE Exam


Clinical Format


Examination format

The ten clinical competencies for the CCE

The following are the ten clinical competencies for the CCE. Within each competency there are multiple criteria describing “competent at the level of Fellowship”, and for each criterion how to “perform consistently at the standard expected”.

Further details of the ten clinical competencies, the criteria for each competency, and indicators of performance consistently at the standard expected, are listed in our Clinical Competency Rubric which can be accessed here:

Clinical Competency Rubric of HKCFP

Candidate procedure

  • Candidates must hand in their bags (other than medical bags) and any electronic devices at the administration desk.
  • Candidates will be given name tags, time slot slips, rotation schedule and examination hall floor plan upon registration.
  • A folder with candidate's instruction sheet and blank paper is placed on the sitting chair besides each examination room. Candidate must leave the folder on the chair before entering examination room. A same set of instruction is available inside examination room.
  • Candidates have a maximum of 5 minutes to read the instructions before each station. Read the instructions carefully and identify what is/are the expected requirement/s in that particular station.
  • Candidates may make notes on assigned blank paper during their reading time, which they can use and take into the examination room with them. Candidates are not allowed to take these note papers with them out of the examination room at the conclusion of each case.
  • Candidate should enter the consultation room when notified by the alarm according to centralized timing.
  • Candidate must give the right time slot slip to examiners upon entering the consultation room. And a short briefing will then be delivered by the examiner.
  • Timers with audible alarm are not allowed during examination. Timers will not be provided during the examination. Timers in examination room are for examiner's reference only and may not be synchronized with centralised timing.
  • Examiners may inspect anything that a candidate brings into the examination room, and may at their sole discretion forbid the admission to the room of any materials that they deem unsuitable.
  • There will be no warning signals within the stations.
  • Candidate may interact with role playing examiners, actor patients, real patients, equipment/ mannequins in the examination room.
  • Examination findings, surgery tests and investigation results may be

    - given verbally by the observing examiner in response to candidate's questions

    - on a printed sheet to be handed to candidate

    - performed by the candidate on real or role playing patients/examiners

    - given as printed or photographic material (e.g. photos, ECGs, pathology, imaging)
  • Candidate must leave the examination room immediately when signaled by centralized timing.

    The two kinds of cases in the CCE



    Determination of a passing grade
    Candidates can also access more information about the clinical competency examination from the member’s website of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, especially “Clinical Competency exam: support resources”. (Please note that financial membership of the RACGP is required for logging into the member’s website).