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Certificate Course in Essential Family Medicine (CCEFM) 2024-2025

Training Funding Scheme for Primary Care Doctors by Primary Healthcare Office, Health Bureau 

The Health Bureau has decided to reimburse $5,500 for registered medical practitioners in Hong Kong who enroll in CCEFM or DFM 2024-2025 having satisfied the corresponding course requirements as an incentive to encourage more medical practitioners to join the related training. For details, please refer to the website of District Health Centre 

Certificate Course in Essential Family Medicine (CCEFM) 2024-2025

Course Introduction 
Application Form 

Application Deadline: 30 June 2024

The HKCFP Certificate Course in Essential Family Medicine (CCEFM) is designed to meet with the training needs of practicing primary care doctors who would like to refresh or update their clinical knowledge and skills relevant to Family Medicine practice. The curriculum of this course also forms part of the well established HKCFP Diploma in Family Medicine (DFM) course. Our teaching faculty are experienced clinicians working in primary care, in secondary care and in academia. The course has been designed to enhance the course participants’ competencies in daily Family Medicine practice in the community.


1. To provide knowledgeable, pragmatic and structured training in Family Medicine for medical practitioners
2. To encourage professional development of practising medical practitioners
3. To improve standards and quality in Family Medicine practice by adopting holistic patient-centered care via an integrated care approach


The CCEFM consists of THREE modules, including DFM Modules III, IV (FM Clinical Skills Enhancement + Update Seminars) and parts of Module V. Doctors who have graduated from the CCEFM are expected to have acquired the following essential concepts and course contents:

1. The role of Family Doctors and in providing cost-effective primary care to the community
2. The essential knowledge and skills on common problems encountered in Family Medicine
3. Enhancement in the consultation and problem solving skills
4. Acquiring the knowledge and skills in common practice procedures related to family practice


1. After completion of all the components and course requirements (max. within TWO years), a certificate will be awarded to the successful candidates
2.The completed modules and credits can be accredited towards the quotable HKCFP DFM course, if the candidates would like to enroll into DFM course subsequently
3. 25 CME and 5 CPD credit points will also be awarded by HKCFP.


The schedule and the format might be changed to online platform if necessary. Announcement would further be made in case there is a change of schedule and/or format.

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For any enquiry, please contact the HKCFP Secretariat, Ms. Alky YU at 2871 8899 or email to