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40th Anniversary Celebration
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December 2018

This is my last presidential message of my 4 year Presidency. I promise to be brief.

College is tasked to co-organise the 4th AMM-AMS-HKAM Tripartite Congress cum Hong Kong Primary Care Conference 2019. The Tripartite Congress only happens once in 9 years in Hong Kong with the Academies of Medicine of Malaysia and Singapore attend Hong Kong from 6th to 8th December 2019. For next year the usual time slot for our Primary Care Conference will shift from June to December. Do mark down on your diary and I promise this will be another wonderful event for the College.

I cannot help to mention the HKAM 25th Anniversary President Dinner on Saturday 7th December 2018. This routine event was brightened up by FM2 (Family Medicine Music). This live band is formed by the members of Young Doctors Committee and Dr. Kenny Kung. We had ladies in red and gentleman in tuxedo singing 獅子山下, Heal the World, and 明天會更好. FM got talents in Drs. Tse Sut Yee, Chloe Chan, Kenny Kung, Yip Wing Ki, Aldo Wong, Leung Lok Hang, Fok Peter Anthony and Vincent Yiu Admirations were all around me!

Congratulations to Dr. David VK Chao elected ipso facto as the 11th President of our beloved College! The credential of David is second to none. He has previously worked in private group practice, academic department at university and is currently the Consultant in Family Medicine at Hospital Authority. His knowledge of the different stakeholders in primary healthcare will enhance the communication and understanding of our diverse community. David is my trusted Lieutenant and he will certainly have a harder job than me. Nevertheless I have every confidence that he will do better than me! 

We have a very capable Executive team. The new Executive team also consists of Dr Cecilia YM Fan, Vice-President in Education and Examination; Dr. Lau Ho Lim continuing his current Vice-Presidency in General Affair; Prof. William CW Wong as Honorary Secretary and Dr. Billy CF Chiu as Honorary Treasurer. We also have the most youthful Council. Please welcome Drs. Ho Ka Ming, Eric Hui, Welchie Ko, Maria Leung, Li Yim Chu and Matthew Luk as new Council members and Drs. Simon Au and Chan King Hong will continue to serve the Council.

To be perfectly honest I never have the ambition or set out to be the President from the very moment I joined the Council back in 2006. I still do not feel like being the College President. I am just a team member and will continue to serve the College to the best of my ability if I am needed. Over the past four years, the complexity of our operation has increased tremendously. I have constantly received very encouraging compliments regarding the high profile of College activities in promoting Family Medicine in Hong Kong, China and beyond.

The College’s reputation and the perception of Family Medicine by others is better than ever. My greatest gratitude to our Chief Censor Prof. Cindy Lam, Censors Dr. Stephen Foo and Prof. Donald Li, and Immediate Past President Dr. Ruby Lee for their invaluable guidance and support. My sincere appreciation to the Executives, Council members, members of the College in making unselfish contributions in the past, present and future years to come! Nobody gets a dollar for working hard! I must also thank all the secretariat staff headed by Miss. Erica So for their dedication and hard work.

I quote what Prof. Cindy Lam has said: “College is our FM home. Nobody really leaves home. We may take a holiday to find there is no place like home.” 

I wish you all a warm Christmas with your loved ones and Happy New Year! Cheerio!

Dr. Angus MW CHAN