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40th Anniversary Celebration
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October 2015

September has been a busy month for me!

Academy of Medicine Council met distinguished Young Fellows recommended by the fifteen Colleges during the third Council Dinner with Young Fellows in mid-September 2015. I had the great pleasure of the company of two beautiful fellows, Dr. Cheng Hei Wan, the winner of Dr. Peter CY Lee Best Candidate Award 2015 and Dr. Tam Yick Sin, one of the best candidates of Exit Exam 2015. There were inspirational speeches by Dr. Donald Li, Prof Rosie Young and Prof Raymond Liang. I have always said passing the College Examination is the best fertility pill. Dr. Cheng has an infant and Dr. Tam is expecting. This was a fun and casual evening and the delicious meal came with the Norwegian salmon with butter or spring onion sauce. What more can you ask for!

I attended the RACGP Conferment and GP 15, the RACGP Conference for General Practice in Melbourne . I spent a whirlwind two days there and the impression was really good. Accompanying me were Dr. Stephen Foo and Dr. Chan Hung Chiu. I found out a universal law: the energy level is directly proportional to age. Stephen and HC must have more mitochondria in their cells to produce endless energy supply.

All three of us were on stage at the conferment ceremony. Australia is a multicultural country with qualified GPs from different ethnic backgrounds. I was told 800 GPs passed the Fellowship examination this year. Considering Australia’s population being about 3.5 times of Hong Kong, I wish HKCFP has 200 Fellows passing the Conjoint Examination each year. This highlights the disparity in compulsory training and the number of primary care doctors in Hong Kong and our overseas counterparts.

RACGP also decorated GPs from different states and territories, urban and rural of Australia for their achievements . The conferment was never a dull event and the whole stage was electrified by a virtuoso lady dressed in vibrant red playing contemporary classical music with electric violin.

Our second day was a big contrast, cold at temperature of 10 degrees with drizzles. This was day 1 of GP15. The keynote speech was delivered by Dr. Alessandro Demaio, a young and handsome doctor trained in Melbourne, Copenhagen and Harvard. The topic was “Rethinking the future of general practice”. GPs are not just clinical consultants and gatekeepers but knowledge leaders for change and the centre-point for a stronger, more sustainable healthcare system. His speech was very well received by the audience. GP15 was extremely well organized and there must be at least one topic that interested you. It had a sophisticated App delineating programmes, social media, posters, learning and surveying. I know Dr. Lorna Ng is taking a leaf out of it for the future HKPCC.

The main mission of this trip was to establish better link with RACGP for the future collaboration on training and the Conjoint Examination. I must repay the hospitality of Dr. Frank Jones, President and Dr. Mark Miller, Censor in Chief of RACGP whenever they visit Hong Kong next time.

Dr. Angus M W CHAN