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40th Anniversary Celebration
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November 2015

25th October 2015 Sunday was our 29th Conjoint Fellowship Examination with the Royal Australia College of General Practitioners. Dr. Mark Miller, Censor-in-Chief and Dr. Chris Hughes, Censor were the visiting External Examiners from RACGP this year. I would like to thank the RACGP for her never failing support and advice. On the day of the OSCE examination, there were over 100 enthusiastic examiners and all the College secretarial staff worked tirelessly as a team to run a very successful examination. My heartfelt thanks to every single one of them that spared the weekend with their love ones for the College mission. I would also like to congratulate the Board of Conjoint Examination under the leadership of Dr. Chan Hung Chiu and Dr. Ip Pang Fei, Chief Examiners for running the Examination superbly with all their hard work, experience and dedication.

Dr. Miller and Dr. Hughes had highlighted so many pressures faced by General Practice in Australia- the freezing of Medicare patient rebate, the review of Medicare Benefit Schedule, the uncertainty of proposed eHealth performance incentive payment and training and many more challenges from the Australia Medical Council. We have also exchanged views on the future accreditation exercise in Hong Kong. Hopefully we will see our Australian colleagues again soon and I am already looking forward to our 30th Anniversary of Conjoint Examination.


On the Halloween day, not the spooky night, I witnessed Hong Kong Academy of Medicine signing a memorandum of understanding with the National Health and Family Planning Commission on future cooperation. Minister Li Bun had stressed the importance of GP training in the Mainland and she appreciated all the assistance Hong Kong provided to future GP training and assessment programmes in the Mainland. So all the fluent Putonghua speakers of this College, I have marked you down!

As President, I feel one of my major duties is to meet up with our “precious” trainees, the future of our College. Dr. David Chao has kindly arranged me to visit the trainees at the seven clusters. I am here to listen, to answer, and to implement any measures that help our future generation. So don’t be surprised to see me at one of your training meetings.

Dr. Angus M W CHAN