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40th Anniversary Celebration
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February 2015

The honeymoon is over. In fact there is no honeymoon at all and no rest for the wicked. This job description is simply hard work and responsibility. I remembered a few years back our immediate past President Dr. Ruby Lee had mentioned to me the love and care from others. At the time my initial thought was everybody loved the pretty Ruby! Now the ugly Angus has the same feeling with all the congratulation messages from home and abroad. The love and care originates from everybody who wishes the College and Family Medicine to go forward and to strive for the best.

My first outing was to “yum cha” at Sheung Wan Maxim’s Palace for the first meeting of the HKCFP Photography Club. The big table was filled up with members and of course dim sum. Thank you to Dr. Lo Ling and Dr. David Chao for organizing this activity. During the chit chat camera models, lens adaptors, and lenses all came into the discussion. Dr. Lau Ho Lim is the photography encyclopedia. He could tell you anything and everything about photo taking and camera price. I would not waste my time to google anymore. Everyone showed off their “cannons” and soon disappeared into the mist of seafood stalls and temples in Sheung Wan. If you have any hobby that can be promoted to members in their leisure, please let me know.

I had a very interesting dinner with Dr. Chow Pak Chin, President of the Hong Kong College of Ophthalmologists and his Council members. Dr. Chow expressed his viewpoints on the interaction between ophthalmologists and optometrists. His Council is very keen for family doctors to engage more in primary eye care. They are also looking into the possibility of FM trainees attached to private ophthalmologists for learning sessions. We do feel this can be the first of many opportunities for collaboration between different Colleges to enhance their trainees’ experience.

On 9th January 2015, Drs. Lau Ho Lim, David Chao, Billy Chiu, Ms. Erica So and I attended a briefing on Electronic Health Record (eHR) by Mr. Sidney Chan, Head (eHR) and Dr. KM Choy, Consultant (Private-Public Partnership) of the Food and Health Bureau. They updated us on eHR Bill legislation, major concerns on patient choice, privacy protection and recent development on safe deposit box for patient data. This is a great leap forward compared to what we had heard two years ago. Its first phase of implementation is likely to commence at the end of this year or beginning of next year. There is no financial incentive, software or hardware support from the government. However, for good patient care, there is food for thought for every practicing doctor to participate. Please look up more detail from its official website:

If you have read South China Morning Post recently on articles relating to doctors needing postgraduate training before commencing their own primary care clinics. Dr. Louis Shih, President of Hong Kong Medical Association believes the training system is in need of a major revamp. He advocates a voluntary accreditation course, possibly lasting for two years to equip fresh graduates. Dr. Donald Li, President of Hong Kong Academy of Medicine and the ex-President of our College highlights the need to train those who decide against postgraduate studies, but in favour of starting a clinic while still inexperienced. Their lack of experience and training poses a problem to quality and efficiency in primary care. I cannot agree more with Donald! Mandatory training for primary care doctors/ family physicians is an unequivocal universal trend to safeguard not just the knowledge but the quality, standard and attitude of the most valuable asset of any healthcare system, The Family Doctors. For certain there will be ongoing discussion amongst the different stakeholders and the Medical Council of Hong Kong.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join us at the Wonca Asia Pacific Regional Conference and the Cross Strait meeting at Taipei in March 2015. Dr. Donald Li will be the plenary speaker on “When doctors Voice Out Advocacy – Another Service to Be Provided by Family Doctors. Dr. William Wong will speak on “The challenge of primary care research in the Asia Pacific Region”. I will speak in the conference as well.

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Ms. Crystal Yung, Dr. Alvin Chan, Dr. Simon Au, Dr. Chan Kin Ling, Dr. Ngan Po Lun, Dr. Chan Wing Yan, Dr. Chan Hung Chiu, Dr. Mark Chan, Dr. Daniel Chu, Dr. William Wong, Dr. Tony Lee, Ms. Erica So

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Dr. Gene Tsoi, Dr. Billy Chiu, Dr. Lau Ho Lim, Dr. Ruby Lee, Prof. Cindy Lam, Dr. Angus Chan, Dr. Stephen Foo, Dr. Donald Li, Dr. David Chao, Dr. Quincy Yuen, Dr. Mary Kwong

Dr. Lorna Ng & Dr. Wendy Tsui

Dr. Angus M W CHAN