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July 2016

On 8th June 2016, Dr. Stephen Foo, Dr. Donald Li and I attended a meeting with Prof. Sophia Chan, Under Secretary for Food and Health Bureau. This was a follow up meeting after the Policy Address Consultation session with Mrs. Carrie Lam. 

At the meeting we highlighted:

  • There is not enough trained Family Medicine doctors in Hong Kong and training posts are insufficient.

  • Majority of the primary care is provided by the private sector and the importance of community training in private sector is reiterated.

  • There is no prerequisite to join the Primary Care Directory and we advise to gradually raise the entry requirement.

  • Introduction of Diploma in Family Medicine (DFM) in order to upgrade the non-vocational training Primary Care doctors.

  • There is financial incentive including private public partnership, elderly care voucher, seasonal influenza vaccination programme, colorectal screening to encourage qualified and trained Family Doctors to join the Primary Care Directory.

  • Communication is needed between Hospital Authority and Department of Health to enhance the core of Primary Care doctors in Primary Care Directory.

  • The opening of colorectal screening to all doctors including the surgeons and GI specialists will miss the chance of holistic and anticipatory care.

    On 25th June 2016, I attended the Organ Donation Promotion Charter Launching Ceremony. The event was emotionally charged especially with the recent search of a heart donor by a young university student. One of the organ recipients was a fireman revealing his life story when two of his dear colleagues sacrificed their lives in firefighting recently.

    The College is one of the signatory organizations. We understand and agree to assist in public education to facilitate the public understanding of the significance and importance of organ donation. Organ donation must be voluntary and altruistic. We encourage the public to register their wish at the Centralised Organ Donation Register (CODR) of the Department of Health ( and share their wish with their family and we assist in continuous promotional work to inculcate a culture that honours organ donation. I hope all our members and fellows will actively participate in the CODR.

    Last year we were asked by the Academy of Medicine to give views on the Housing Policy on Keeping of Companion Dogs. We were asked: Whether the registered doctors in private / government clinics are qualified for certifying the mental status of patients in need of keeping of a companion dog for mental support/ rehabilitation other than Specialists in Psychiatry. Thank you to Dr. Wendy Tsui, a dog lover, who came up with a detailed explanation. I am glad to let you know a family doctor instead of a psychiatrist only can help to assess the patient's physical and psychological needs in keeping a companion dog in the public estate. 

    Dr. Angus M W CHAN